Design and 3d modeling

Diseño 3D por ordenador

The fundamental basis of jewelry. In our guild, 3D design and modeling play an essential role when it comes to carrying out the manufacture of a piece of jewelry. The balance between creation and manufacture is essential since everything that is created in some cases is difficult or impossible to manufacture. Given our experience developed over years in the sector, we guarantee that the designs we create are perfectly manufacturable in the most efficient way possible, thereby reducing production costs. We use high resolution 3D printing to ensure that the manufactured models do not differ with the digital image, fundamental and key aspect for a perfect production.

We offer a design service, either of our own creation or adapted to the needs or ideas that are posed to us. We do not put limits to the imagination. Design needs a lot of empathy to reach an understanding when it comes to concretizing ideas.

We have fun making design, and design has fun with us. If you want to discover it and have fun with us, do not hesitate to contact us.